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(Most of these questions and answers are limited in scope to special events and wedding parties, please contact the resort for our full policies, terms and conditions)

What are the Deposit Amounts and When are Payments Due? 
A negotiated deposit of at least 25% of your estimated food and beverage revenue is required at the time of booking your event.  Minimum deposit is $1000.00.  Three to six months prior to your event, another deposit equal to your initial deposit will be due.  The final remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to your event.  Your final payment may be made with cash, credit card or certified funds only (no personal checks).  $1000.00 of your deposit will be held to cover extra charges which may be incurred the day of your event. These deposits do not reflect any deposits required for rooms. These are subject to reservations under our normal reservations policy.

What Happens if I Choose to Cancel My Event? 

All deposits are non-refundable and will be subject to cancellation fees as outlined in the contract.

What are the Service Charge and Sales Tax Amounts? 

A Service Charge of 18% will be added to all charges.  Please note that the service charge is taxable, based on California State Regulation 1603(f).  The current Sales Tax is 7.25%.

When Should We Discuss Our Menu Selection? 

Menus and details should be finalized with your Wedding Coordinator at least one month prior to your event. For groups of 10 or more guests, we require that a wedding coordinator be involved in your event.

Does the Resort Offer Tastings?

Tastings are permitted on Plated Meals only.  These can be arranged and included in your contract terms. The general fees for tastings are $ 50 per person, up to 4.

Availability for Tastings is limited and requires advance notice.  Please contact your Wedding Coordinator.

Is My Wedding the Only Wedding to Take Place on the Day That I Choose?

It is uncommon to have multiple weddings scheduled at Stevenswood Spa Resort for the same time period. However, we reserve the right to hold other weddings and functions on the same day if necessary. Functions are scheduled a minimum of 1Ѕ hours apart.  Luncheon receptions are scheduled between 11:30am – 4:30pm.  Dinner receptions are scheduled between 6:30pm – 12:00am.  Our Catering Managers will be happy to assist in all related arrangements in order to assure a successful and enjoyable function.  Arrangements for an early decorating and set up time or early photos must be coordinated in advance with your Wedding Coordinator.

Does the Hotel Charge a Cake Cutting Fee?

Our Wedding Package prices include the cake cutting fee.  Your wedding cake is selected by you and baked by our recommended bakeries.  If you desire to select from our regular menus and choose your own bakery, a $3.00 per person cake cutting fee will apply.

When Should We Notify the Hotel of Our Guaranteed Guest Attendance? 

The Catering Office must be notified no later than 12:00pm, 10 business days prior to your event.  The guarantee is not subject to reduction.  If no guarantee is received at the appropriate time, the Hotel will assume the number expected on the Banquet Event Order to be correct, and charges will be made accordingly.  The Hotel cannot be responsible for service to more than 5% over the given guarantee.

What Kind of Supplies Does the Hotel Provide? 

-  Stevenswood typically makes the following available:
-  Pots, pans & baking supplies needed by the kitchen to process the food orders.
-  Uniforms for staff, wait person supplies, serving trays, bar towels, and all cooking related needs.

What Items Do the Bride and Groom Need to Provide?

Generally, you should work with the Wedding Coordinator to arrange for the following extra items since they are not furnished by Stevenswood. Many can be obtained through local rental companies at nominal charges.

-  Table Linens, Napkins, Plate Ware, Utensils, Drink Ware, Decorations, Trash Receptacles, Portable Toilets, Portable Kitchens, Portable Bars, Heaters, Tents, Chairs, Dance Floor, Table Placecards, Guestbook, DJ, Skirts, Table decoration, candles and centerpieces, PA systems, Bridal Toasting Glasses, Cake Knife and Server, Chair Covers and Specialty Linens, Favors, Placecards with Appropriate Coding for Split Menus, Engagement Photo(s), Disposable Cameras, Personalized Napkins or Matchbooks, and any other miscellaneous items.  You will also need to arrange for someone in your party to set these items before the function takes place.

Does the Resort Charge a Corkage Fee?

Should you elect to provide your own wine and/or champagne, there will be a corkage fee of $20.00 per 750ml bottle, or $45.00 per magnum.  Corkage is permitted for meal service only. Please make these arrangements before completing your contract with us.

What Vendors Do I Need to Make Arrangements With?

Your wedding coordinator will need to help you arrange for the DJ/Band or other entertainment, Florist, Wedding Cake, Minister, Wedding Decorations, Photographer, Videographer, Transportation and more.  Please provide us with a list of all vendors you have selected.  Your Wedding Coordinator will have a list of Recommended Vendors if you need assistance.

What Should I Know About Outside Vendors and Equipment?

Entertainers must provide their own power cords, source files and amplification.  If any vendor has not previously worked with Stevenswood, it is recommended that he/she visit the property in advance, and to confirm set up times. Certain vendors will be required to obtain separate liability insurance if we are unable to get approval from our Loss Prevention Manager in advance, therefore you should try to make your selections as early as possible. It is the client’s responsibility to return any equipment to the vendor after any event.  We cannot guarantee storage of any item before or after an event.

Does the Hotel Offer Rates for Our Guests?

The Stevenswood Spa Resort is also happy to offer up to 10 rooms at a negotiated rate, according to the contractual terms and conditions. All reservations are subject to availability.  Groups requesting room block in excess of 10 rooms are required to guarantee the additional rooms with non-refundable deposits.

Does the Hotel Provide A Dressing Room for the Bride/Groom?

Stevenswood does not provide an additional room to be used as a dressing room.  You can purchase a room at a discount subject to availability. Please make these arrangements with your Wedding Coordinator in advance.

What is the Charge for Parking?

Parking at the Stevenswood Spa Resort is generally complimentary.  Should the area around the Hotel be busier than normal, the Hotel will limit the Hotel parking to sleeping room guests only. In some cases, designed parking areas can be used. These can fill quickly and in that case, all guests will be required to park off-site.

What are the Laws Regarding Food, Beverage & Bar Service? 

You assume full responsibility for your guests with respect to the service of alcoholic beverages per state law.  Guests who appear to be under the age of 30 may be asked to show proof of age.  No food or liquor may be brought onto the resort from outside sources.  In accordance with California laws, no alcoholic beverages or food may be removed from the premises during or after an event.  Please inform your guests and your entire Bridal Party that they might be asked to show ID to consume an alcoholic beverage if they appear to be under the age of 30.

Can We Use Candles for Decoration?

All decorations must meet Fire Department safety regulations.  Hotel does permit the use of safety fuel cells, however, they must be enclosed in glass to be lit.

Who Will Take Care of My Personal Belongings? 

Items left behind at the conclusion of the function are not the responsibility of the Resort.  It is the responsibility of the client to protect gifts and other items delivered to the function.  Resort staff can assist in the movement of gifts within the Resort, premises or to curbside, but only under direct supervision of the client or someone they have selected from their party.


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