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Stevenswood Spa Resort holds fast to maintaining Earth-friendly operating procedures whenever possible and is a member of the “100-mile initiative” a local, voluntary program, in which members agree to purchase supplies, provisions, and ingredients from sources no more than 100 miles away, whenever practical. Additionally, Indigo Eco|Spa, is the only Northern California certified Eco Spa, and is a member of the Eco Spa Council (

Stevenswood Spa Resort recycles and uses materials in every department that that minimize the impact on the environment including:

  • All paper products, fiberboard, glass, aluminum, and recyclable plastics are automatically separated for recycling before entering the waste system
  • Using “end-of-life” towels and linens as cleaning cloths
  • Specifying cloth or hemp products over paper whenever possible
  • Non-toxic and organic-based cleaners and solutions are used for cleaning and preparations
  • All printed materials are printed on 100% post-consumer, recycled paper, utilizing soy-based inks and both sides of the paper when possible
  • LED and compact fluorescent lighting fixtures are used wherever practical
  • Infrared motion sensors and dimmers are used on select light switches and thermostats
  • LED and Electroluminescent Night Lights (ENLs) are installed in every bathroom and corridor (The ENLs consume less than $.15 of energy annually—standard lights consume more than $50 in energy annually per room—and are a great safety measure as they help prevent nighttime falls, the number one cause of guest injury. ENLs also save significant energy as more than 40% of travelers leave bathroom lights on as nightlights.)
  • A computerized electricity monitoring system cuts power to dormant appliances and low-voltage transformers when not in use
  • Low-flow water valves and fixtures have been carefully selected for their ability to provide ample water flow without excessive water waste including, water-efficient showerheads and aerators that use a single-orifice design made from Delrin, a hydrolysis plumbing resin. The Venturi vent system creates aeration and backpressure, which delivers a shimmering full-force effect
  • Low-flow pressurized toilets have replaced older less efficient toilets
  • Rainwater is captured for agricultural use
  • Organic waste is composted
  • Used vegetable oil is recycled and is used as fuel for bio-diesel engines
  • Large indoor plants are placed throughout the buildings for fresh air
  • All windows and doors are double- or triple-paned
  • All walls are made from 6-inch studs and filled with high-efficiency insulation
  • Fireplaces are used to supplement indoor and outdoor heating and burn “Java Logs,” an eco-friendly fire log made from recycled coffee grounds
  • Signature private label coffee is shade grown, organic, and made daily in French presses to eliminate coffee filter waste
  • Solar panels are now being installed to supplement hot tub heating
  • Ultra-high efficiency appliances and heaters are replacing older appliances whenever possible
  • Cooler coils, lint filters, intake and exhaust systems, and air ducts are cleaned more often than factory recommended to improve efficiency
  • Low VOC paints are specified in all applications
  • Aerosol cans have been replaced with air pump sprays and squeeze products
  • Laptops and LCD monitors have replaced big box inefficient computers reducing energy usage
  • Employees telecommute, use text and instant messaging and e-mail instead of printed memos whenever practical
  • Electrical sources are supplemented with solar and wind power
  • Purchases of consumables are made in bulk sizes and smaller contained refills whenever possible
  • The Restaurant uses recycled and corn or starch based to-go containers
  • Guests that arrive in hybrid cars are given special incentives, discounts, and welcome gifts

During the recent million dollar renovation, starting in 2004, Stevenswood embraced sustainable elements whenever possible including:

  • Choosing flooring made from recycled wine bottle corks and bamboo,
  • The cork flooring was finished with a clear coating made from a nontoxic, soy-based penetrating sealer that is virtually odorless and provides protection
  • The bamboo flooring was chosen due to its eco-friendliness and has been protected by a corn based sealant, which is 100% biodegradable
  • Installing sinks made from recycled wine bottles
  • Ensuring all paints, floor and window coverings, fabrics, and furnishings have been chosen with the least amount of chemicals, low VOC, and non-toxic fumes
  • EcoRock, an environmentally friendly alternative to gypsum board, was specified in new spa wall construction

Stevenswood Spa Resort is an idyllic retreat on Northern California’s Mendocino Coast. Contemporary and secluded, this tranquil resort offers a gracious respite for travelers and locals alike. Located two minutes south of the town of Mendocino in Little River, this AAA Four-Diamond property is surrounded on three sides by State Park, and is a short walk to the Pacific Ocean. Intimate by design, elegant by nature, the lodge features luxury suites, the acclaimed Restaurant at Stevenswood, and the Five-Star Indigo Eco|Spa. A private botanical garden, Jacuzzi hot tub spas, and landscaped grounds enhance the breathtaking setting, with a backdrop of Redwood groves and ocean meadows. For more information, call 707.937.2810 or visit

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