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Artisan Cheese Platter $14
A variety of 5 cheeses from around the world prepared with local fresh organic fruits, and a selection of home made lavash & foccaccia and extra-virgin olive oils.

Sharffenberger Sparking Wine Cran-Tasia $9

Fresh, organic cranberry juice combined with equal parts champagne.

Crab Martini $13

Local, fresh Dungeness crab made with avocado mousse & asparagus spears.

Served in chilled martini glass rimmed in kosher salt.

Navarro Pinot Noir Grape Juice Spritzer $7


Blended with crushed ice & carbonated mineral water

Peanut Butter & Jelly $8

Fresh baked chibatta bread is toasted and coasted in old fashioned organic peanut butter, a drizzle of local honey and fresh berry preserves from Mendocino Jam Co. Served with a tall glass of ice cold soy or cow’s milk.

Navarro Gerwurtraminer White Grape Juice $6


Served with a spiral cut key lime

Green Tea Ice Cream $6


Voss Water $3

Imported from Norway

Herbal Teas $4

Served with choice of milk, molasses and honey.

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