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General Braxton Bragg

In the summer of 1857, First Lieutenant Horatio G. Gibson, established a military post on the Mendocino Indian Reservation north of the Noyo River. He named the new military post which was established June 11, 1857 after his former commanding officer Captain Braxton Bragg, who later became a general in the Confederate Army. Born in [...]
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The Pomo Indians

Pomo girl photographed by Edward S. Curtis in 1924  The Pomo People: The Pomo people are a linguistic branch of Native American people of Northern California. Their historic territory was on Pacific Coast between Cleone and Duncans Point, and inland to Clear Lake. A separate group speaking a language of the same family, called the [...]
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Caspar (then and now)

Caspar is a small village on the north coast of California. Caspar lies between Fort Bragg, and Mendocino. What was once a bustling town in 1955, is now a village supported by farms and ranches nearby, and by urbanites visiting their summer homes, anxious to savor the rugged beauty of the Mendocino coast. History: The [...]
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Lighthouses of the Mendocino Coast

  Current picture of the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse (2007) Although Point Cabrillo was surveyed by the U. S. Lighthouse Service in 1873, construction of the Light Station didn’t begin until after the 1906 earthquake. The demand for lumber to rebuild San Francisco meant that maritime commerce on the north coast was at an all time [...]
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History of Albion

Albion lies directly on California’s Highway 1 north of Navarro, and south of Little River. It lies just north of the intersection of Highway 128 and Highway 1 (Shoreline Highway). Albion Bridge under construction 1944. Albion River Bridge today (2007) Albion has two bridges, spanning the Albion River and the Little Salmon Creek. The Albion [...]
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Captain Fletcher’s Inn (Navarro-by-the-Sea Hotel)

This story is about where the Navarro River enters into the Pacific Ocean only 8 miles south of Stevenswood Spa Resort. Most guests visiting the area come by this direction where Highway 128 meets Highway 1 on the Mendocino Coast. The Mendocino Coast is rich with history. From the lumber mills that sprang along the [...]
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The Old Kent Ranch

Little River Farming Tradition, Past and Present Story by Margi Gomez In the mid 1800s, the small coastal town of Little River was then called Beall’s Harbor, after the three Beall [pronounced “Bell”] brothers who were among the first to settle in the area as game hunters. The area was just beginning to stir in [...]
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Little River 1885 building closed, uncertain future

What is that white building with the sign that says Little River Improvement Club, the one with the red geranium in the window? Is it a private club? Who belongs to it? “I’ve been asked those questions again and again,” says Elma Bryant, the 95-year-old president of the board of directors that owns and stewards [...]
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The History of Stevenswood

For an idyllic retreat on Northern California’s Mendocino Coast, Stevenswood Spa Resort rates accolades. Contemporary and secluded, this tranquil inn offers a gracious respite from the daily whirl. Nestled in a forest by the sea, the intimate lodge echoes the natural beauty of its rural setting in the tony town of Little River, just 2 [...]
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Mendocino Headlands – The Birth of a State Park

NO ONE REMEMBERS actually seeing any plans for the condominiums that Boise Cascade was going to build on the Mendocino headlands. No one had to see them. Just the thought of some developer ravaging this unspoiled coastal village was enough to stir the tiny art colony into action. It all started in October, 1968, when [...]
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