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Landmarks of Mendocino

Mendocino county is recognized for many things. A great wine growing region, fishing, recreational activities, art community, 3 state parks, logging heritage, county wide festivals, whale watching, etc. But did you know we have a total of eight historical landmarks county wide here in Mendocino county.   Starting here  on the coast there is California [...]
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Mendocino Mushrooms

Porcini Mushrooms About 80% of Mendocino county’s wild mushrooms come from national forest lands, such as those prominent in Mendocino County. Some of the many mushrooms you will find here are Candy Caps, Black Trumpets, Porcinis, Morels, Oyster Mushrooms, Portobello, Yellow Foots, Hedgehogs, Golden, White & Black Chantrelles. Mendocino County in an average year produces [...]
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Noyo Food Forest breaks ground at high school

From Fort Bragg Advocate News: In the ruins of Fort Bragg High’s once proud agriculture program, an enthusiastic new group put down roots on Sunday, or at least they planted some garlic and a green delicious apple tree. Read more…
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