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Mendocino County Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival 2013


Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival held on November 1 – 10.

Back in the late 1860′s in Mendocino county, Italian immigrants found wild mushrooms like the ones they had back in the old country. Mendocino county has been known as a fertile haven for many varieties of wild mushrooms like boletes, chanterelles, black trumpets, candy caps, morels, and the prized matsutake. Their great grandchildren today still slip out to their family “secret spots”, gather these delicious gifts from the earth, and share them with family and friends. Every fall, around October when the rains begin, the mushrooms flourish in abundance. Mendocino county grows over 3,000 types of mushrooms that pop up in the county every year. Over 20 types of choice edible wild mushrooms grow in our forests. Each year tens of tons of wild mushrooms are gathered here and shipped to fine restaurants and shops all over the world. Learn how to recognize the fabulous “king bolete” the popular chanterelle, black trumpets, shrimp rusulas, and dozens of others.

The highlight of mushroom season every year in Mendocino county is the Annual 10 Day Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival. The festival includes mushroom dinners, wine and beer pairing workshops, mushroom exhibits, guided mushroom foraging walks where local experts will share their skills to show you this fascinating plant kingdom in the wild. 

Mendocino Gone Wild Mushroom Contest:

How it Works:
You submit your recipe online by October 18. The best sounding recipes are forwarded to a local food expert who will make the final selection of top 3 recipes. The expert then prepares each finalist recipe to ensure correct measurements and use of ingredients for a panelist of judges to determine the winner of the 2013 #MendocinoGoneWild Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival Recipe Contest. The winner will be announced via Facebook and Twitter and then contacted on Friday, November 1, the first day of the 2013 Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival.

Wild Mendocino Instagram Contest:

The month of November in Mendocino County is all about stepping off the path to forage for nature’s bounty. This year we want to see your view of our untamed wilderness. Take any photo of you or a friend in the woods, hills, or coastal wonderland of Mendocino County with an edible wild treasure, and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #mendocinogonewild. At the end of the month, we’ll choose our favorite photo. The prize is a one-night stay in the County at XXXXXXX. 

The Mighty Mushroom Weigh Off – The Hunt Is On!

Do you fancy yourself a master mushroom hunter? Mycological guru Eric Schramm wants to see just how good you are. This year we’re looking for the biggest, heaviest mushroom you can dig up. There will be two winners: one for the largest golden chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius), and one for the largest King Bolete (Boletus edulis). Winners will receive $100 for the largest mushroom in each catetory and runners-up will each receive a $20 cash prize. Contest kicks off at the Mushroom, Wine & Beer Train event on Saturday, November 2; winners will be announced at the Fungi Finale on Sunday, November 10.

California reputedly has the world’s largest king bolete and chanterelle mushrooms, and Mendocino County is a center for wild mushrooms. Let’s show the world how big our mushrooms get, have some fun, and maybe even make some money!

Click this link for contest rules for the contests mentioned above.

Also plan on getting your 2013 Mushroom Festival Passport to 40 participating wineries all over Mendocino county to win passport prizes. Click here to download the list of Mushroom Festival Passport Participants!

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