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Mendocino Community Network Business Manager Resigns

In late July, The Mendocino Unified School District Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Mitch Sprague, Mendocino Community Network’s business manager. The Mendocino Community Network (MCN) is the district owned internet service provider. This special meeting was held at the multi-purpose room at the elementary school which was filled with MCN customers and concerned citizens.

The resignation letter he submitted says that Mitch Sprague said he plans to stay until mid-October, or as long as the school district needs him to make the transition go smoothly.

In the early 1990′s the Mendocino Unified School District (MUSD) had a technology program and wanted to gain internet access for its students. But there was no internet providers on the coast at the time and most people were paying long distance for dial-up. MUSD took advantage of a federal grant through NASA to get internet access around 1992. When the grant was ending, the MUSD began looking for a way to keep the internet connection going and decided that the community needed a local internet provider, hence the Mendocino Community Network was born from a student technology project. By spring of 1994, MCN was officially the local dial-up internet provider for the Mendocino Coast, from Westport to Jenner was able to get internet through MCN.


Mendocino Community Network-Internet Services for the North Coast and Beyond

Whether you are looking for a reliable, high-speed connection here on the North Coast, or a dialup connection around the world, MCN brings you state of the art internet connections with first rate service.

Billing:  We encourage all of our customers to become familiar with the MCN On-Line billing site where you can see payment and invoice information, make payments, examine dialup usage hours, and find other useful information related to your MCN account.
For questions regarding your bill call 937-1444/800 796-3896, 9am-6pm M-F or send an e-mail to

Cable Internet:  MCN partners with Central Valley Cable to provide cable Internet service on the South Coast from Manchester to The Sea Ranch. Two way cable service is available in parts of Gualala.

Co-Location:  If you need the control of managing your own server, MCN has several options for co-location of your server.

DSL:  MCN offers DSL service in selected parts of Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Chico, Clearlake, Monterey, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, LA and many other parts of California.

Dialup:  MCN provides state of the art V.92 toll free dialup across California. Toll free numbers are available across the United States and Canada for a small monthly fee.  

Domain Registration and Service:  If you’re looking for that special domain name to attach to your website, MCN can help. We provide a full domain registration service as well as domain service to make sure your domain is pointed at the right web server. In addition we can set up e-mail addresses for your domain name.

ISDN:  For customers outside the reach of our DSL or cable service, we offer ISDN service through our regular dialup modems and through our special Centrex ISDN centers in and around the town of Mendocino.

E-Mail Services:  MCN offers everything from single e-mail boxes to bulk e-mail packages.

Fusion: MCN’s landline and next generation DSL bundle with free local and long distance, free phone features, and fast internet in selected areas of Mendocino and Fort Bragg

goMobi Mobile Websites:  Make your website easily assessable by mobile devices.

Listservs:  Descriptions of MCN’s free public and community listservs for our users: Instructions, quidelines, subscription and un-subscription links.  Private and Non-Profit Listservs are also available by contacting MCN, 707 937-1444 or 800 796-3896.

MCN Accelerator:  is a small utility for dial up connections which can speed up web browsing up to five times as fast.

MCN Photo Gallery:  Information on how to submit photos and art work for the MCN Gallery.

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Security:  MCN has a wide variety of free and low cost options to provide security when using our Internet services. 

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