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“Lovely, relaxing time”

This was our second stay at Stevenswood Lodge, the first a number of years ago with other owners. We had another really lovely time, and in reading a number of reviews here and on Yelp, I can only say that we did not have the negative experiences listed. Is it the expectations raised by Groupon/Living Social that have caused misunderstandings? The service was very good, Nelson and Pam and Josh going above and beyond. Out dog was welcomed, as were other dogs. Kids were well behaved and kindly treated. The onsite restaurant was very good, and it was so nice to be able to walk down the hall to our room after a great meal with wine. No fear of driving after a beverage or two.

Yes, the property is dated a bit, but given the state of the hospitality biz the last few years, this place has prioritized well. And they need to use the marketing tools of Groupon etc., but the issues I have read about we’re more about Groupon than the property managers.

All in all, nice modern B & B with extras. The new spa facilities are lovely and have capacity that is under used. Prices aren’t 
cheap, true, but I think it is good value. We will be back

Benicia, CA.,  Reviewed January 20, 2013
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