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“A lovely spot in Little River”


Like many reviewers, I had a coupon for a “special deal” at this Little River hotel. I booked my non refundable reservation and then read the reviews…usually not a great way to approach travel, but I was planning a special birthday trip and timing was everything. After reading the reviews I was quite nervous about the trip, but I need not have been concerned. Stevenswood is a lovely resort with quality service and some nice amenities that you won’t find elsewhere.

I’d like to specifically address some of the comments I read before I made the trip. First, the price. My perception is that this place has too many special coupon offers. I doubt very much that more than 10% of the guests are paying full price. If they would standardize and create their own standard “packages” I bet they’d have just as many guests and a lot less confusion about which offer you are on and what you are entitled to. But that said, it is pricey…as is everything else on the Mendocino coast. And they do surprise you with a few upcharges – like tips for the “free” breakfast…but I’ve seen much worse.

The rooms are spacious and clean. There is a fireplace in every room. True, the TV is tiny, but if you’re in a fireplace suite booking a private hot tub and you’re worried about the dimension of the TV, there is probably something wrong…we never turned ours on!

The restaurant is good and the service is wonderful. Nelson deserves all the kudos he gets, but so do all of the folks we interacted with. The spa is pretty basic and somewhat overpriced compared to the market, but you’re paying for the convenience of showing up padding down the hall in your robe, and slipping from the massage into the private hot tub isn’t a bad deal either.

One final word – if you were looking for a quaint older place, like many of the lovely Victorian mansions that have been converted into inns, this is not your place. For that experience, I’d go to the Little River Inn and ask for a lodge room. But for a modern remodeled inn, this place is just great.

Bottom line is I’d go back in a heart beat, but would never pay the “full price” they quote…I’m not sure that the high base price, like a “rack price” in a typical hotel does them much good. Standardize on a few packages, lower the base, and you’ll have me back soon!

san francisco,  December 17, 2012
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