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Richard Grant’s Pinot Noir Cuvee Rose Brut


We are very excited to now be offering the new Richard Grant’s sparkling wine on our wine list

Richard Grant’s new sparkling wine is produced primarily from the Wrotham clone Pinot Noir grape with a little Chardonnay blended in before the bottle fermentation. This is there new Pinot Noir Cuvee Rose Brut. This is a blend of three different vintage wines, each one unique in its own way. The total blend averages more than three years on the yeast and each of the component wines brings something different to the blend, which forms an altogether pleasing beverage.

 The color is a delicate pink, slightly less peach-pink then the Richard Grant single vintage Wrotham Sparkling Blanc de Noir wines of 2000 through 2004. The flavor is fruity and a little more forward, with a definite “crispness” compared to earlier sparkling wines they’ve made. Tasters describe the fruit flavor as “grapefruit and apple, with a berry-like and slightly spicy aftertaste.”

For the discriminating customer, this sparkling wine is produced using the more expensive and time consuming Methode Champenoise, which is universally accepted as a “better” wine. In crating this cuvee, they wanted to produce the best sparkling wine possible for the price.

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