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Mendocino County Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival

13th Annual Mendocino County Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival, November 2-11, 2012

Every fall when the first gentle rains begin, the wild mushrooms flourish  in great abundance. About 80% of Mendocino County’s wild mushrooms come from national forest lands. Of the 3,000 mushroom species found in Mendocino County about 500 are edible, 100 have the texture or presentation a chef can use and about 20 are readily identifiable as most often used for cooking. Some of the more popular mushrooms you will find here are candy caps, black trumpets, porcinis, morels, oyster mushrooms, portobello, yellow foots, hedgehogs, golden, white and black chanetrelles. Mendocino County in an average year produces and sells 300,000 to 500,000 pounds of mushrooms. The two most often exported from Mendocino County are Matsatake mushrooms (during Japanese New Years) and horn of plenty blacks.

The highlight of mushroom season is Mendocino County’s Annual 10 day Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival that feature dozens of winery tasting rooms that are dotted around the county with a myriad of wines to tickle the most discerning wine lover’s fancy. Add in world-class brewpubs with their multitude of beers, ales, stouts, and special brews to suit every taste. The festival also features a myriad of events that includes mushroom dinners, wine and beer pairing workshops, mushroom exhibits, guided mushroom foraging walks and much much more. These events take place throughout Mendocino County, from the inland valleys to the coast.

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