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Mendocino Land Trust

The Mendocino Land Trust is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The Mission of the Mendocino Land Trust is to conserve important natural resources of Mendocino County. This would include working farmlands, forests, wildlife habitat, open space, scenic vistas, watersheds, and to facilitate [...]
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A FIERCE GREEN FIRE: The Battle For a Living Planet

  This is the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement-grassroots and global activism spanning fifty years from conservation to climate change. From halting dams in the Grand Canyon to battling 20,000 tons of toxic waste at Love Canal, from Greenpeace saving the whales to Chico Mendes and the rubber trappers saving the Amazon, from [...]
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Extremely Rare Monterey Clover Discovered in Mendocino County

  Press this link for pictures of the Monterey Clover (Trifolium trichocalyx) Local botanist Kerry Heise and Geri Hulse-Stephens recently discovered  an extremely rare native plant, never before identified in Mendocino County and now unknown to exist anywhere else in the world. Kerry and Geri had just completed the botanical survey they had been hired [...]
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30th Anniversary Symphony Fall Concert

Conductor Allan Pollack  Join Music Director and Conductor Allan Pollack with the Symphony of the Redwoods Orchestra for the beginning of their 30th year of music excellence on November 10 & 11, 2012. In 1983 the first Symphony of the Redwoods performed with 27 musicians and now the Symphony has grown to 45-50 musicians from [...]
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Mendocino County Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival

13th Annual Mendocino County Beer, Wine & Mushroom Festival, November 2-11, 2012 Every fall when the first gentle rains begin, the wild mushrooms flourish  in great abundance. About 80% of Mendocino County’s wild mushrooms come from national forest lands. Of the 3,000 mushroom species found in Mendocino County about 500 are edible, 100 have the [...]
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