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“I like the Stevenswood restaurant very much. And I’ll happily go back there”

Gotta wonder: comments  about this place ranging from abominable to incredible…  Food reviews ARE subjective, but… how to explain this? Bad night/good night at the resto? “Planted” reviews — from Stevenswood competitors or its promoters? Reviewers’ general life outlook — from bitter and black to sunny and sweetsie? I just don’t know. 
My comments on the Stevenswood restaurant:
Food – tremendous; artfully conceived and prepared — using fresh, quality ingredients. Well presented.
Service — generally very good, though servers were young and ranged from  inexperienced to excellent. 
Decor and ambiance: Some have called it “sterile” or “dull.”  In my lexicon that translates to “serene” and “unassuming.”
Price:  pretty expensive. (But NOT as expensive as the Mendocino Hotel restaurant just up the coast in Mendocino village proper. There are certainly less pricey menus around town, though — in more modest bistros/cafes, etc.
To give you some perspective on my review: 
My favorite San Francisco restaurant: Gary Danko.
My “consumer profile”: I’m pushy and aggressive about what I want and am entitled to expect. I’m DEATH on bad food and  WORSE than death on bad service.  (I once left a penny tip for an inattentive, rude waitress.)
I like the Stevenswood restaurant very much. And I’ll happily go back there.

M K.

San Francisco, CA,   5/28/2012


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