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Announcing a Sleep That Puts Your Concerns To Rest

Stevenswood is proud to announce our new linen program. When it was time to replace our fine Egyptian cotton linens a couple of months ago, we learned that the Italian manufacturer went out of business.

This forced us to start the process of finding a custom supplier all over again. Last time, it took months and month of samples, testing, washing, trying and feeling hundreds of linens, then finally selecting our custom color dye, sizes and more.

We ended up selecting a beautiful shade that complimented the natural setting of Stevenswood Lodge and chose a supplier based in Italy. It took nearly 3 months for our custom sets to arrive, in a plush 1000-thread count, beautiful Egyptian cotton.

Guests loved the sheets and we were proud that our hard work paid off. This time, we decided we should try to find a more local source to reduce the environmental impact and support our communities.

We’re glad we did. In the process, we learned the ugly truth about linens.  According to In the land of bed linens, Egyptian cotton is luxury at its finest. Or that’s what department store clerks and their price guns would have you believe. But according to Human Rights Watch, the children who pick the cotton and remove leaf worm infestations from leaves to produce the indulgently soft, high thread count sheets work 11-hour days, 7 days a week, while typically being beaten by their foremen in 100 ⁰ F heat, for miniscule wages.

Even if we were to ignore the human rights issues associated with the manufacturing of bed linens, there’s the matter of cotton farming to consider. This water-bogging crop, which, by the way, is mostly grown from genetically engineered seeds, receives 25 percent of the world’s insecticides. Not only is it covered in chemicals that contaminate local groundwater and make wildlife and workers sick, it’s then bleached with chlorine, soaked in chemical dyes, and sprayed with a wrinkle-resistant, permanent-press chemical finish such as formaldehyde.

This eye-opening research was not the stuff that helps us sleep at night so we decided to make a small difference in our choice this time.

That’s when we stumbled upon Coyuchi: Founded in a small town on the Northern California coast, Coyuchi offers a signature bedding line made from 100 percent certified organic cotton. Everything they create is designed to nurture a connection to the natural world in customers’ lives and homes. Their cotton products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and produced using fair labor practices, which are verified by in-country auditors. Coyuchi sheets are available in a variety of fabrics and weaves including percale, sateen, flannel, jacquard, damask, twill, linen, and flax. Their bedding line gets its hues in part from naturally colored cotton strains from Latin America .We were so excited to learn about this amazing linen company, with the funny sounding name and have worked with their designers to craft the perfect bedding line for our signature sleep systems at Stevenswood.

Guests often tell us our beds are one of the best features of their stay (Yes, Seth, they love your waffles too!), and we took this responsibility very seriously when we needed to replace our bed linens. We think our guests will agree with our choice and we invite you to come experience them in person.

You can learn more about Coyuchi on their facebook page here, and while you’re there, be sure to Like Us on our Stevenswood Page on Facebook.

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