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“The place was quite nice and I would totally go again”

I just got back from a weekend say here that I booked using a Bloomspot deal.  The place was quite nice and I would totally go again.

- Huge rooms (ours was something like 500 square feet)
- Pet friendly.  They even have a house cat named Marc Anthony who loves to be petted.
- Cozy home like feeling (all of the rooms are in one big “house”, so you do have to be quiet…the huge plus is that breakfast and dinner are literally right down stairs!)
- The food.

BREAKFAST was included and it is DELICIOUS.  Simple menu, but prepared quite well.  Each table gets a bottle of spring water and, if you order coffee, they bring you a whole press pot (if you order tea, you’ll get a huge teapot of water so your mug will never be empty).

DINNER was also delicious.  I was skeptical.  In fact, I almost vetoed eating here I was so suspicous.  The dining room is not super elaborate and I was worried our food was going to be mediocre.  It was not.  Fresh ciabatta bread (endless supply with sweet cream butter and olive oil for dipping–brought out on a hot stone to keep it warm), lovely salads (he had arugula, I had spring mix with beets–yum!) and great entrees (he had a great risotto, I had the beef)

-Great staff.  Super friendly.  Very nice to deal with–when I forgot my slippers at the end of they stay, they agreed to send them and just charge my card for the shipping.  Oh, and when we arrived for a late check in (we drove up from SF after work) they made sure a key was available with clear instructions to our room.

-Comfy king bed.  Tempurpedic-like and wonderful.
- Quiet and romantic.  The place had no vacancy when we were there and we did not feel packed in at all.  We saw a few other couples during meals, but other than that, we felt like we had the place to ourselves.  NOTE: a lot of people have complained about not being able to re-schedule due to changes in plans.  My Bloomspot deal made it explicit that if I booked this, I was locked in.  I can see why.  They are a small place with few rooms and they book up.  If two couples cancel in a weekend, that is a large amount of lost revenue and they likely had to turn people away that they cannot get back.

- I think the prices are too high if you do not have a deal.  Definitely go with a deal.
- Maid service was not what I expected.  Our bed was made and the sink wiped down and the garbage was removed–but that is it.  No refilled shampoo, no replaced wine glasses (we had red wine the night before and would have liked to have had fresh glasses for champagne the next night…oh well…), older-ish rooms that are kind of quaint looking

Realistically, I would give this place 3.75 stars, but because the overall point average of this place is so low, I’m inflating my score.

Lynn G.

San Francisco, CA,   4/15/2012


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