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Remembrances of Nannie Flood Escola

Nannie Escola

Nannie Escola (photograph from the Kelley House Museum)

Born in 1885 and passed away in 1979. Her  mother was Rosa Mary Watkins and Father Henry Flood. Her father arrived in Mendocino 1872, and began working as a hand logger, then became a well known bull-puncher. He advanced to the steam donkey and finally operated the giant yarders used in logging. He fathered in addition to Nannie, also Leslie and Hazel.

Raised in Mendocino, Nannie went onto  San Jose Normal School, and at the age of 23, she graduated in 1908 to become a history teacher. She married in 1914 to John Escola and had children, John, Emery, William, Mary, Dorothy, and Hazel.

On Sunday, April 22, 2012  at 3 pm at the Kelley House Museum there will be the Remembrances of Nannie Flood Escola. The Kelley House Museum is fortunate to have a collection of Nannie’s photographs and other artifacts. A special exhibit about Nannie will be on display in the Escola room at the Kelley House Museum in conjunction with this Sunday afternoon talk.

Nannie made notes on history, usually on the back of surplus school worksheets, assembled notebooks, and gathered photos. Her interests in maritime history kept her in corresondence with the Maritime Museum in San Francisco and people all over the world.

Given that Nannie Escola has been dead more than 30 years, you won’t be hearing from her firsthand. But what they do have is her story, told in her own voice, from an interview recorded decades ago. Also on hand sharing stories will be Bruce Levene, a fellow historian and friend of Nannie’s and also Linda Mechling. Nannies granddaughter, as well as Escola family members will be there to.

The Kelley House Museum is located at 45007 Albion Street, Mendocino.

Donation: Kelley House Museum members $5 and non-members $7.

For additional information call 707-937-5791.

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