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“The place was exactly as advertised”

We’ve only done one Yelp review till now, but a few curious posts about Stevenswood (which caused some trepidation before our trip there) compel this one.

The place was exactly as advertised.

Fine, courteous service, a place where our dog was welcome, great food, a really hot, private hot tub, and astounding, comfortable accommodations with one of the best TV/DVD set-ups and strongest wifi we’ve seen at any inn. And though cell phone’s won’t work on the Mendocino coast, Stevenswood offers free long distance calls to anywhere in the country.

To top it off, they honored our Living Social coupon even though we forgot to book a room before our coupon ran out (for a measely $25 fee), and even offered us an additional night at the same rate (which, alas, we couldn’t work in).

Add in the ocean beach and bluff hikes, and it’s living in a dream.

Jed L.

Berkeley, CA,  3/4/2012

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