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“Stevenswood Resort and Spa”

My husband and I just returned from a delightful stay at Stevenswood Resort and Spa.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  My husband had a great massage at the Indigo Eco-Spa.  Our dinner and breakfast were delicious.  We cannot say enough about our stay.  My husband’s comment was that he anticipated the long drive to get to Stevenswood would skew our feelings about the inn.  Quite the contrary.  We both felt it was well worth the drive!

Michal and Seth, the owners, were very gracious and one or the other was always available at all times, even for emergencies at night.  We did not need to take advantage of their availability, but knowing we could reach them was comforting.

We would recommend Stevenswood to anyone who would like a quiet getaway.  We cannot believe the experiences other have reported.  Our experience was so opposite.  How can this be the same place?

The Grahams


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