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PG&E Climate Smart Program


Congratulations Stevenswood Spa Resort.

Stevenswood has been honored in recognition as a Business Leader in the PG&E ClimateSmart Program, supporting environmental conservation, restoration and protection projects balanced out more than 110 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Designed by PG&E, the ClimateSmart program was the first of its kind. This demonstration program lets cusstomers take personal action in the fight against climate change. This convenient and easy way is a chance for customers to offset their homes carbon footprint. 100% of the contributions went to funding environmental conservation, restoration and protection projects.

Why does it matter?

PG&E provides its customers with some of the cleanest energy in the nation, but every time you watch TV, turn on a light or heat your home you cause the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases are increasing the greenhouse effect, trapping more heat at the planet’s surface. This creates dramatic changes in the environment, including more frequent and intense storm events, increased droughts and wildfires, reduced snow packs in the Sierra Nevada, and rising sea levels that affect coastal, bay and delta areas.

The ClimateSmart program is a way PG&E can work together with there customers to make a real difference in preserving the health and natural beauty of the planet for ourselves and future generations.

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