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Rosy Nolan & Shee Haw

Rosy Nolan & Shee Haw presented by the Mendocino Theatre Company

Rosy Nolan has already caused quite a splash across the pond with their spiky, rustic, country-inspired style of music and Nolan’s disarmingly honest lyrics. Rosy Nolan might look like a china doll, but her voice is powerful enough to shatter glass at 300 meters, and judging by the content of her album, its very highly likely that she is made of sterner stuff.

Rosy Nolan brings various styles and genres to the table. Although there is a distinct Alt Country feel, there are massive punk undertones that give their music quite a jagged edge. Given Nolan’s seemingly permanent involvement in various bands since age 14, where she started out bashing the drums for an all-girl garage punk band called the Rape Utic. The world of experience comes out in her music if you pay enough attention.

Show begins @ 9 pm., January 6. Tickets are $15. Phone 937-4477 or visit

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