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Mendocino Sea Salt

There is a company that operates out of Point Arena called La Mar’s Mendocino Seasoning Company. The company started after there sport fishing business encountered a blow when government fishing closers forced them to close their business and find another way to make a living on the coast.

They found there answer in the form of an all-purpose seasoning Lora originally created to give as Christmas gifts. Her seasoning was so delicious, that she had requests for it all year long. On a chance visit to a gourmet food store gave them the idea of blending Lora’s seasoning with Bob’s handcrafted sea salt. The result was La Mar’s Mendocino Sea Salt and Seasoning Company.

The La Mar’s Mendocino Seasoning Company is the only traditional salt works farming natural sea salt from the ocean off the Mendocino Coast. The natural forming undersea canyons off the Mendocino Coast have a strong upwelling that forces the deepest and purest water closer to the surface, where it is collected. These cold, mineral-rich waters adds a distinctive flavor and texture with there handmade finishing sea salt unlike any other salt. They craft there salt using the ancient Old World method of gently simmering, combined with natural evaporation to form the ideal hollow pyramid-shaped crystals found in the world’s most acclaimed finishing salts. There natural sea salt possesses a delicate and graceful texture unlike any other sea salt, Its icy, flaky crystal allows it to crumble quickly when applied to food. Since the salt crystals are crispy, the use of a salt grinder is never necessary.

Enjoy there original SEA SALT, or NORI SALT, SEA SMOKE, and SEASONING SAND.

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