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I give this place a solid 4 stars.

My friend and I stayed at this resort the past Sunday.  Because we hit parking lot traffic coming up Hwy 1, I called them for late check in and there were no issues at all.  When we got there, the key and instructions are right in the box.  The staff was friendly and told us they will take care of the check in and we just have a safe trip driving up there. To our surprise, it is really a small and private resort with only handful of rooms with names (not room numbers).  It is quite and the room is very elegant with a large living room and fireplace.  With only a small TV, it is a nice getaway with a glass of wine and your love one cuddle next to the fireplace.  The breakfast the next morning was very nice too with nice seating and friendly staff. The down side of this place was the bathroom.  Either due to their design or lack of maintenance, in our room, 2 glass plate shelves were missing from the wall and the one below the towel rack is just not usable.  Whenever we put something on it, it will slide off the holding pins and slam onto the toilet water tank.  It was scary.  We told this to the front desk when we checked out and was told they will look into that.  The sink is a big glass bowl with no counter-top space. Anyways, that gave us very limited space to put anything in the bathroom.  So, ladies with daily necessities, please check with them  before making a reservation to see if there are enough space to put down your items in the bath room.  Another thing is their front desk staff get off at 9PM.  So, any needs, make sure to talk to them before then. Overall, we loved this place because of the location and private settings. Oh, they have memory foam bed in my room.  We loved that too. Steve F. Milpitas, CA, 7/5/2011    
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