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We came to relax and enjoy the ocean

My wife and I stayed at Stevenswood Spa Resort on a Living Social voucher.  I suspect that we had the advantage over those who gave it a poorer rating in that we came in with no expectations. We came to relax and enjoy the ocean. This was accomplished beyond measure and in large part because of the beauty of Stevenswood and the fantastic staff. We were met at the door by Nelson. “A hoot!”, as noted by one reviewer, is an apt description. He was so enthusiastic, so helpful that my wife asked him if he was an owner. He comes across as not only enjoying his job and its location, but appreciative of his guests. Gina, our waitress. And she was OUR waitress, even though she was the only waitress. Gina treats you like family-without the sibling rivalry. She never lost track of us, was informative, and treated all the guests in the same fashion. She even went the extra mile and insisted on taking a dinner tray up to the room when my wife wasn’t feeling well enough to come down to dine. Prior to doing so she went to another table to advise them she would be leaving for a few minutes but would be right back. The only person I actually had ANY issue with was Joanie. But it wasn’t that she wasn’t helpful per se, or even rude. Just that she does reflect an attitude of class-destinction. For example, when I came down to dine she was occupied with another couple. This couple obviously was more, shall we say, well-to-do. She excused herself from them, came to seat me, then hurried back to their table. After a while she came back to my table, took my drink order, returned with my beer, dumped it in the glass in such a fashion as to create a 6″ head in an 8″ glass, set it down and scurried back to the more favored couple to introduce Gina to them. She completely forgot to bring my bread tray. We did not find the staff overbearing or gratuitous. Rather, they were helpful when needed, out of the way when not, and ready at all times. You may not get the adoring attentiveness of going home to see Mom, but they are as pleased that you are there. The spa/resort itself is beautiful and wonderfully located. It is far enough off the highway to remove it from noise. The room itself was quiet, devoid of any cacophony in the halls and other rooms. The suites are spacious and gently arranged for access and comfort. The bed and pillow selections designed to create a perfect sleep.  Even the toilet whispered so as not to awaken your partner! If your goal is to get away from people and chaos, Stevenswood is perfect! The short walk to the ocean’s edge is beautiful. Each time I went out I saw deer. Though they weren’t excited about my intrusion, they weren’t overly concerned either. I was able to win one game of “Stare-down” with them. And the solitude at the cliff was precisely what I desired. Thank you so much! My coworkers, customers, and family thought I needed a break. They, too, will be grateful for what you’ve done for me! Curt J. Rio Vista, CA  
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