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Audray Holm

Audray provides a relaxing, a revitalizing, or an invigorating massage experience with a firm foundation in acupressure, somatic self-healing, reiki and amoma-breath-color chakra massage. Her training experiences include the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas with Dr. Graci Liu in acupressure and body energy; The Alchemical Hypno-therapy; The Bamboo Garden School of Massage with Autumn and Jess Stuckey in massage modalities; and David Elliott’s Breath & Chakra Training. Audray is a certified massage therapist, a certiied alchemical hypno-therapist, a Reiki master, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Hawaii where her interests in diversity and ethnic studies were improved. Audray’s use of American Sign Language and Spanish enhance her bodywork skills. Modalities include: Acupressure Massage; Armom-Breath-Color Chakra Massage: Aroma Stone Massage; Deep Tissue Massage; Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage; Neuromuscular Massage; Reflexology; Reiki; Swedish Massage; and Maternity  Pre-natal & Post-natal Massage. Chakras – An ancient philosophy – Not a hot trend! Audray’s ABC Chakra massage; Aroma-Breath-Color Chakra Massage: The use of aroma therapy oil blends specifically for the seven chakra centers, intentional breathing and visualization of colors, and an acceptance of the body’s self-healing wisdom provide the ingredients for Audray’s ABC Chakra Massage. This colorful and aromatic array of energy work utilizes Aroma-Breath-Color Chakra stress, injury or dis-ease in the body. Audray utilizes Somatic Self-Healing and Aroma-Breath-Color Chakra Massage (Swedish Massage in combination with ABC Chakra. Throughout our body we have main energy centers, which are connected to major organs and glands that govern other body parts. Each of these main energy centers are referred to as a chakra. A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibratory level. It is believed that we have seven main chakra centers and that each main center is connected to our being on several different levels: Physical, emotional, mental and spritual. On the physical level each chakra governs a main organ or gland, which is then connected to other body parts that resonate the same frequency. Every organ, gland and body system is connected to a chakra and each cahkra is connected to a color vibrational frequency. In the study of the anatomy of the aura it is important to understand the significance of the chakra system and the language of colors expressed in the aura. What is energy & Why does it affect our chakras? Sunlight consists of energies in the form of the electromagnetic waves and part of this electromagnetic energy includes cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, visible light rays, infrared rays, micro waves and short and long waves (radio waves). Light consists of the seven color energies: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Color and light are inseparable: Each color of the visible light rays has a different wave length and vibrational frequency, which affects us differently. Violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency that we recognize as a cool calming energy. Red on the other hand has the longest wavelength and the lowest vibrational frequency, which we recognize as warm and stimulating. We receive color and light information through our eyes, which then stimulates the retina and its cells, rods and cones. These impulses travel through the optic nerve to the visual cortex of the brain via the pituitary, and trigger other glands and their hormone secretion to various parts of the body. Many body functions are stimulated by light and the different colors of light and thus our chakra system. Since light and its colors physically affect glands and hormones, they will also have a marked influence on our moods and feelings. Science has proven that certain colors can calm the mind while others stimulate mental activity. Light energy is needed for nourishing our brain, our physical body and our emotions as well as our light bodies and especially our chakras. Light can also enter through our skin and our breath. We can also receive additional color energy through a balance of various colored foods, herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, sound, minerals, clothing, decor and color bathing. For spa phone 707-937-2810 For lodging phone 707-937-2810 or online at reservations. For dinner phone 707-937-2810 or online at opentable.  
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