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Fort Bragg Gets a New Coastline

FB coastlineIt has been announced that for the first time in 150 years, the city of Fort Bragg can now claim its own coastline. As of January 5, 2010, Fort Bragg has acquired 92 acres of the former Georgia-Pacific mill site, which stretches from the Noyo Bridge to Glass Beach, which is 3.5 miles of coastline. Fort Bragg’s newly acquired property will be used for a park and a long-awaited stretch of the California Coastal Trail. For over 100 years Fort Bragg has been mostly identified with the lumber industry and the 2nd largest Redwood Mill in the world. When it is open to the public, the new coastal parkland will be a major component of Fort Bragg’s continuous transformation from a mill town to a multi-dimensional community and a great destination for visitors to California’s north coast. Fort Bragg Coastline 1For the next two years, public access will be restricted while plans and development of the parkland and trails takes place and the long awaited dream of an open coast becomes a reality. Fort Bragg purchased part of its new property with a 4.2 million dollar grant from the State Coastal Conservancy, plus Georgia-Pacific donated a 100 foot wide corridor encompassing over 57 acres along the site’s coastal bluffs for a trail. Fort Bragg has been trying to purchase the property since the redwood lumber mill closed in 2002. Since the beginning Fort Bragg has worked closely with the Coastal Conservancy and Georgia-Pacific to examine potential uses of the property, with a series of public workshops made it clear that the local residents were united in their desire for a coastline that was open to the public. With the closing of the Georgia-Pacific site marked an era for Fort Bragg. The city has rebounded, with its unique blend of natural resources, recreational opportunities and beautiful scenery. The property’s main trail corridor is slated to become part of the CaliforniaFort Bragg Coastline Coastal Trail, which will extend 1,200 miles along the entire coastline of California. With more than half of the coastal trail complete, and new sections are being added in all parts of the state’s coastline. The Coastal Conservancy is a state agency that works with the people of California to protect and improve the coast and the San Francisco Bay. The Coastal Conservancy has helped open more then 100 miles of the California coastline and bay shores to the public and preserved more than 300,000 acres of wetlands, wildlife habitat, parks, and farmland.
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