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General Braxton Bragg

Braxton BraggIn the summer of 1857, First Lieutenant Horatio G. Gibson, established a military post on the Mendocino Indian Reservation north of the Noyo River. He named the new military post which was established June 11, 1857 after his former commanding officer Captain Braxton Bragg, who later became a general in the Confederate Army. Born in Warrenton, North Carolina in 1817, Braxton Bragg graduated from West Point in 1837. His brother and father serviced his educational pursuits prior to him being a cadet. His mother had served time in prison when he was a young boy. He was constantly ridiculed until he was appointed commander of the artillery brigade in the Mexican War. He had a reputation as a brave leader and a disciplined officer. Braxton Bragg was one of the most controversial generals during the civil war. General Bragg was the poster-boy of confederate leadership. He was strict and was confident in his tactical abilities. His leadership qualities never came into full view as a commander for the confederate army. Some of the later battles that he commanded was no contest because the Union Army outnumbered the confederate army 3 to 1. General Bragg surrendered his final time at Durham Station. He later served as the state of Alabama’s chief engineer. He loved to build things, and it was then he was in his best mood of his life he wrote in his memoirs. He left Alabama and went to the beach town of Galveston, Texas. General Bragg passed away while walking down the sunny streets of Galveston with a dear friend. That fateful day was September 27, 1876. His final resting place is in Mobile, Alabama.
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