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The passing of Larry Spring

Larry SpringLarry Spring had more than 30 independent discoveries ranging from the years 1954 to as recent as 1995. From Ptolemy’s geocentric model of the universe, to modern quantum mechanics, our understanding of the physical world as we know it is constantly being revised. Larry was not a physics professor, a mathematician nor an industrial technician which may be the reason he was able to think “outside the box”. As Larry would say ” I’m just playing around with the basics. It works and it’s not in the books.” Larry Spring, 93, longtime resident of the Mendocino Coast, sadly passed away after a short illness on Sunday, November 22, 2009. Larry Spring was born Lorenz Niels Spring on December 6, 1915 in Oakland California. Larry Spent his school years in Healdsburg, Corte Madera and Cloverdale, California. In 1919 the family bought a remote ranch where Larry learned resourcefulness and developed a keen sense of obversation. As a boy he raised bees, carrier pidgeons as well as berries and vegetables. He grew up fishing and hunting and collecting Indian arrow heads. He was fascinated by radio transmission and built crystal radio sets, which he assembled from scratch using Quaker oats mush boxes, wound wires, crystals and cat whiskers.  He loved airplanes and as a boy he dreamed one day of becoming a pilot. Larry started out with a basic high school education, graduated in 1933 and worked his way through the school of life with an inquisitive mind. In 1937 when Larry was 22, he made several visits to the Worlds Fair at Treasure Island with his brother Sid. This was when Larry saw a closed television transmission for the first time. In the early1940′s Larry worked as a carpenter in Los Angeles, then at Tim Aircraft Company in Van Nuys. In 1943 he entered the army in Monterey. In 1944 Larry graduated as a pilot 2nd Lieutenant from Altus Oklahomais Advanced Army Flight Training school. After the war Larry owned and operated a television sales and service shop that specialized in antenna design and installation. In 1954 Larry independently confirmed the speed of light with comparison dipole antennas and a field strength meter. Through experimentation and common sense, Larry also simplified the periodic table. Larry prospered in the 60′s and 70′s in real estate, and persued several hobbies. In 1983 Larry bought a satellite dish, which revived his interest in television and radio reception. He analyzed in depth the characteristics of transmitted energy throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, from direct current to gamma rays, and more particularly, from AM radio to visible light. Between the years of 1985 to 1995 Larry made most of his discoveries. Larry Spring’s Magnetic Levitation Solar powered Mendocino Brushless Motor demonstrates the principals behind the electric motor as well as light conversion to electricity through solar cells. It also shows how the static and dynamic magnetic fields interact, resulting in the near frictionless levitation and rotation of the motor armature in their respective magnetic fields. Clean, renewable energy from the sun. February, 1991, Doug Doe of Mendocino loaned Larry Spring a little solar motor that Larry placed in the window of his electromagnetic experimentation shop on the Mendocino Coast. Bob Blick a local electronic wizard and teacher had constructed a simple solar motor with Doug Doe some years earlier, using a solar cell mounted on a coil wound around a spool from the center of a roll of scotch tape. A few months later Larry constructed his first solar motor. This unique motor is self starting as the solar cells are mounted right on the armature of the motor. On July 4, 1994, Larry suspended the armature on magnetic bearings creating the Larry Spring’s Magnetic Levitation Mendocino Brushless Solar Motor. The motor is self starting (by sunlight or regular lightbulb) and has reached speeds in excess of 6500 rpm. To Larry’s knowledge this may be the first of its kind. We will miss you Larry.
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