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The California Lost Coast

The California Lost Coast is the most remote coastal area in the state. It’s all about the very steep terrain and high rainfall made building major roads here too big of a challenge. This part of the coast is only accessible by a few back roads. It’s been lost to civilization, but not to outdoor [...]
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Mendo Moola

During the Great Depression, more than 5,000 local currencies helped keep Americans alive. Over the past two decades, over 2,500 local currencies have sprung up. Mendo Moola is a local, self help, complementary currency that stays home with us here in Mendocino County, issued by individual, locally-owned farms and businesses, and circulated only within Mendocino [...]
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California Coastal Trail

The California Coastal Trail (CCT) will be one of the great trails of our nation. Once completed, it will extend 1,200 miles, 15 counties, along the coast from Oregon to Mexico. The California Coastal Trail is a network of public trails for walkers, bikers, equestrians, and others along the entire California coastline. It is currently [...]
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Crab & Wine Days

Mark your calendar for January 22-31, 2010 for the 11th Annual Crab & Wine Days throughout Mendocino County. Before Mendocino County was founded in the 1850’s our rugged coastline has been home to generations of fisherman who harvest the bounties of our cold, clear Pacific Ocean. Inhabiting these waters is one of the most vital [...]
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The passing of Larry Spring

Larry Spring had more than 30 independent discoveries ranging from the years 1954 to as recent as 1995. From Ptolemy’s geocentric model of the universe, to modern quantum mechanics, our understanding of the physical world as we know it is constantly being revised. Larry was not a physics professor, a mathematician nor an industrial technician [...]
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19th Consecutive AAA Four Diamond Award

Congragulations Stevenswood Spa Resort for its 19th consecutive AAA Four Diamond Award. Unannounced evaluations are conducted of lodgings and restaurants, scrutinizing such areas as cleanliness, ambiance, amenities, safety features and service. The AAA Four Diamond Award designation is a most prestigious level of distinction for hotels and restaurants and represents just 3.5 % of the 58,000 [...]
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