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possibly the best dinner of both our lives

hi, my husband and i recently had dinner in your beautiful little dining room and it was quite possibly the best dinner of both our lives.  seriously.  i am a very, very, very good cook and we eat very well at home and in the restaurants in los angeles.  BUT the dinner that we had in your restaurant was simply spectacular! i had the scallops and shrimp in the spicy pinot noir sauce and when the plate was set in front of me, the scent had me swooning.  miraculously, it tasted even better than it smelled.  my husband had the beef medallion with the chanterelles and brandy cream sauce and he had the same experience. our waiter, ross, was incredible in both his service and his knowledge of the local area and recommendations for the rest of our stay.  we would love to have his help and great “waiterness” acknowledged and maybe you could thank him for us.  he added greatly to our enjoyment of our vacation. we spent some time wine tasting at glendeven the night after our dinner with you and we RAVED about our dinner at stevenswood.  apparently, so much so that they made reservations and dined with you that very night and ordered exactly what we had had!  they emailed me to thank us for the recommendation, so i wanted to tell you that they loved their dinner, too. thank you for adding such a special experience to our vacation. karyn & david
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