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Stevenswood’s own Rosso Tuscany Wine

Stevenswood introduces its own Rosso Tuscany wine, which is a blend of three great California Red wine varietals referred to as “supertuscan blends”. Rosso Tuscany wine consists of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes all from the world class wine country of Napa,  Sonoma and Mendocino. Stevenswood family enterprise along side Tuscan winemakers, experimenting in the past few years with blends of sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and merlot have succeeded in creating an excellent Supertuscan wine. Italian immigrants from Tuscany probably introduced the Sangiovese grape to California in the late 1800′s, possibly just down the road from Stevenswood at the Segheshio Family’s “Chianti Station,” near Geyserville. It is one of several varietal components of the field blend in many old North Coast and Gold Country vineyards that are often otherwise identified as Zinfandel. The flavor profile of Sangiovese is fruity, with moderate to high natural acidity and generally a medium-body ranging from firm and elegant to assertive and robust. The aroma is generally not as assertive and easily identifiable as Cabernet Sauvignon. For example, it can have a strawberry, blueberry, faintly floral, violet or plummy character. Cabernet Sauvignon makes the most dependable candidate for aging, more often improving into a truly great wine than any other single varietal. With age, its distinctive black currant aroma can develop bouquet nuances of cedar, violets, leather, or cigar box, and its typically tannic edge may soften and smooth considerably. It is the most widely planted and significant among the five dominant varieties in the Medoc district of France’s Bordeaux region, as well as the most succcessful red wine produced in California. Merlot is to the American wine consumer in the 1990′s as “burgundy” was in the 1970′s. Merlot did not appear as a California varietal label until the end of the decade and was not a big seller until the end of the 1980′s. Merlot while its flavor profile is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot tends to have a good taste and aroma. Merlot has slightly lower natural acidity than Cabernet and generally less astringency, therefore usually a more lush mouth-feel. Together this secret wonderful blend has created our world renowned Rosso Tuscany. Stevenswood sells this great wine from our cellars by the glass, bottle or the case. Enjoy!
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