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Eco-Friendly, Earth Friendly Firelogs

With Earth Day approaching, Stevenswood has taken on the extra expense of burning in our real wood burning fireplace’s, our new clean flame, earth friendly, eco-friendly firelogs. With more than 1.5 million new wax-coated boxes produced each day in the United States for the purpose of shipping ice packed produce to grocers and the food service industry with approximately 95% of the 660,000 tons produced each year, are hauled to our overflowing landfills. With these facts in mind Stevenswood Spa Resort has decided to help be a part of the solution. After researching, we are delighted with our new earth friendly, eco-friendly firelogs. They offer hot burning superior flame optics and heat characteristics that are far better than burning just regular firewood. Yes, during these times when businesses are cutting back, here at Stevenswood, bearing the extra expense for these superior firelogs seems only correct. We hope that when you join us here that you will love and appreciate these firelogs as much as we do.
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