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Husch Vineyards: Three Generations Strong

Amanda Robinson Holstine and her brother Zac Robinson along with their parents and spouces are currently running the Husch Winery today. The Husch Vineyards was planted in 1968 and the winery was established in 1971, by Tony and Gretchun Husch. When the Husch family put the winery up for sale eight years later, neighboring grape grower Mr. Oswald sealed the deal after walking the vineyard with Tony Husch. The Oswalds were second and third generation Mendocino farmers and had seven children, including the Robinson’s mother Beelu. When Beelu married Richard Robinson they became the next generation to continue the Husch Winery. One of the perks for the customer of a family operated winery is that they still answer the phone just like the family did at the beginning. Things that haven’t changed at Husch, besides the consistency of Husch wines, is the tasting room. Husch’s rough, hewn tasting room resembles the original dwelling of the homesteaders who first settled this region. It was actually once a pony barn and a grainary for storing animal feed. Inside the tasting room you may find Zac’s wife Krista or Amanda welcoming you. Amanda is there at least two days a week, and krista works the tasting room and manages sales to Ukiah restaurants and stores. Husband Brad Holstine is Husch’s winemaker. Brad studied engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and worked at wineries in the central coast area. This is where Amanda met Brad. They married and she became executive director of the Monterey County Wine Commission. When the Robinson branch of the HA Oswald family decided to rearrange the ownership from the second to third generation six years ago, the family came together. Amanda and Brad, who had winemaking background, with their kids, were ready to move back to Mendocino County. So, with their parents consultation, they are working more than full time to run Husch Vineyards. Husch’s mainstays are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, and Gewerztraminer. In addition they are having fun creating small bottlings of special wines. Another aspect of Husch that continues is the self guided vineyard tour. The tour begins near an owl box, one of four around the 60 acre property. The grove of redwood trees is down the hill. From the top of the hill are classic Anderson Valley views of Oak trees and redwoods with sloping hillsides. There’s a classic old barn to the east. The original craftsman style house nestles among the oak trees to the west. And a modern swing set brings you to the present. They have now transferred to the third generation of owners of Husch Vineyards. The foundation is solid thanks to their parents and grand parents. Husch is located at 4400, Highway 128, Philo, California. It is about 10 miles northwest of Booneville.
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