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Fetzer Vineyards goes Eco-Friendly

 Fetzer Vineyards of Mendocino, California has decided to go eco-friendly and switch to lightweight glass bottles in 2009. The old glass which weighed 20.3 ounces will be replaced with a new, lightweight 17 ounce bottle, which will reduce Fetzer’s production of greenhouse gases by an estimated 14 percent, or a whopping 2,985 tons of carbon dioxide (after factoring in the energy required to produce and ship the heavier glass versus the new, lighter glass version). The reduction in glass (2,173 tons) eliminates more than 4 million new wine bottles going into circulation each calendar year. Fetzer has also gone solar. Its clean energy program is a 901 kilowatt photovoltaic project which is positioned on the roof of the red barrel room and bottling facility at Hopland in Mendocino County. Their system generates more than a million kilowatt hours of energy a year, supplying them with 80 percent of the electricity needed to operate the facility each year. Fetzer has further reduced its carbon foot print by eliminating 960,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
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