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“Pampered Luxury”

I am not sure which establishment “PearTree05″ is referring to in the recent review of 9/26, as we were in the middle of our very enjoyable stay at Stevenswood during that period of time. I am assuming we had the same owners and staff that PearTree did and they were fabulous. I am not sure Nelson could jump any higher out of his chair to open the door for us or any other guest that he happen to notice pulling up to the front door.

The food was fantastic – the Tuscan Scramble breakfast was my favorite with some of the best scones I have ever eaten. The staff was very attentive with the type of service you would expect on a cruise ship – (the maid staff somehow made up our room in the time we spent at breakfast every morning) The spa services were among the best we’ve received and all delivered with a smile. I noticed another reviewer complained about false advertising on the website. The website advertises that the certain rooms have a distant ocean view – we had one of those rooms, and it had exactly that – a distant ocean view. If you want a room or cabin right on the ocean – you can get that somewhere else, but it is not what Stevenswood offers or advertises. Stevenswood strength is in the whole package of the great spa services, great food, and comfortable rooms with a nice view. This is one of the few inns we have ever stayed in where we actually took advantage of the fireplace – one of the reasons being that the staff had the fireplace “match ready” (each day, a fully assembled pile of kindling, firewood, and paper, was prepared as part of the room service so we were able to come back from dinner or a soak in the hot tub, light a match, and have an instant fire in our fireplace…and they actually have dry wood available that burns- hard to even find in a state or national park!) Regarding PearTree’s claim of unscrupulous business practices, you should be specific if you make that kind of claim. I can tell you that dealing with Michael (one of the co-owners) has been anything but. We purchased and prepaid for a vacation package for 2 couples, 2 rooms and at the last minute our friends that were going to join us had to back out due to an illness in the family. Michael could have easily referred us to the fine print that shows the package is non-refundable. Instead, he worked with us very cordially to offset our friend’s cost with any extra revenue he was able to bring in by re-renting one of the rooms. This was extra hassle for Michael for which he did not earn anything. Standard practice would have been to keep our full payment and then make more by rebooking the unused room. Unscrupulous would have been to try to somehow charge even more. Michael is far from unscrupulous! As a result of Michael’s straight-forward business dealings, we went out of our way to spend more money at the resort than we had planned(extra spa sessions, dinner, etc.) because we appreciated Michael’s fair-minded approach. I would imagine PearTree would label this review as “fiticious” (at least spell it correctly if you are going to make that kind of accusation) – I assure you, this is not a fictitious review and I have checked the box that allows other travelers to contact me in case you are concerned that this review is bogus. I live 2000 miles from Stevenswood, and until our stay had never met anyone from Stevenswood - We have already referred other friends and family to Stevenswood. We had a fantastic time.
Oct 1, 2008
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