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Abalone Festival & Cook-off

The world’s only Abalone Festival & Cook-off is happening on the weekend of Saturday, October 4, 2008. This event has grown throughout the years starting at the Van Damme State Park parking lot. After a couple of years of great success in 1998 they moved it to the Pomo Indian Village site east of Brewery Gulch Road. After that location proved to be to small they moved it to the Springs Ranch Headlands and held it there for several more years until 2007 where the event was held at the Caspar Community Center. Now this very popular event has grown so much that the new location will be held at Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg. Come join us for chowder tasting, a craft fair, souvineers and music round out this fun event. Once agan this event will be held between 10 am to 4 pm. on Saturday, October 4. Check out some winning recipes.  Hobolone: ONE WHOLE CLEAN AND POUNDED ABALONE    3/4 CUBE BUTTER    2 TBSP. MAYONNAISE    PARMESAN CHEESE    SALT AND LEMON PEPPER  Combine butter, mayonnaise and cheese in a bowl and mix to a paste.  Place the abalone in foil.  Score it crosswise three to four times.  Salt and pepper the abalone and add other ingredients.  Double wrap ab in foil.  Cook on top of red hot coals for 5 min. per side.  Open foil, slice into chunks, and serve. Abalone Tacos: 3 POUNDS ABALONE                                                   5 EGGS    1 C. FLOUR                                                              1 C. BREAD CRUMBS    3 C. PANKO (JAPANESE BREADING MIX)                     1 C. MILK    2 DOZ. FRESH CORN TORTILLAS    COOKING OIL (PREFERABLY PEANUT OIL)    4 C. FINELY SHREDDED CABBAGE    4 LEMONS CUT INTO WEDGES    12 OZ. CAESARS SALAD DRESSING  Lay abalone flat and slice into 1/4? thick slices. Pound to tenderize.  Beat eggs and add to milk.  Mix panko and bread crumbs.  Dip abalone first in flour, then in mixture of egg and milk, and then in panko/crumb mix.  Fry coated abalone in oil at medium high heat for one minute, drain.  Serve abalone in tortillas that have been heated in a frying pan without oil and top with cabbage, 1 tbsp. salad dressing, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Abalone Rockerfeller: ONE ABALONE                                            1 1/2 C. MAYONNAISE    1 1/2 C. CREAM CHEESE                             1/2 C. CHOPPED PARSLEY    3/4 C. GRATED ROMONO CHEESE    2 C. FROZEN, CHOPPED SPINACH    25 CLAM, MUSSEL, OR OYSTER SHELLS  Tenderize whole abalone with smooth side of hammer. Wrap in tinfoil with 1 tbsp. butter and bake at 400° for 25 min., or until done. Cut ab into 1?squares and set aside. Mix spinach and cream cheese together, set aside.  Mix mayonnaise, romano cheese, and chopped parsley together, set aside. Fill your choice of shell with a heaping tbsp. of the spinich and cream cheese mixture, place an ab square in the middle, and add a heaping tbsp. of the mayonnaise mixture.  Fill all shells, place on cookie sheet, and bake at 450° until cheese starts to turn golden brown. (a cupcake pan may be used if no shells are available).
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