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Mendocino County’s Jackson State Forest

Board of Forestry Approves New Management Plan

Sacramento, January 9, 2008. In an action that culminated 8 years of controversy and litigation, the Board of Forestry voted 8 in favor and 1 abstention to approve a new management plan for Jackson Forest that is a milestone in moving Jackson State Forest towards management in the broad public interest.

At the meeting, the Board accepted several amendments that brought the management plan into full conformance with the consensus plan for the forest developed by the Mendocino Working Group.

The Board agreed to limit timber harvesting during a 3-year interim period to that needed to fund the operations of Jackson Forest, and not to generate surpluses. It also agreed to give a newly-formed Jackson Advisory Group the authority to review essentially all timber harvest plans during the interim period. These were the final keys to getting the agreement of the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest to support the new management plan.

At the same meeting, the Board also approved the supporting Environmental Impact Report for the management plan. The vote was 8 in favor, 1 opposed. This EIR had been in process since July 2003, when the previous EIR was declared invalid by the courts.

Attention will now turn to the next phase of reforming the management of Jackson Forest. During this phase, the new Jackson Advisory Group will work with the public and Jackson staff to develop a consensus long-term landscape plan for the forest.

Jackson Advisory Group Charter Approved Nominations solicited

Sacramento, January 9, 2008. The Board of Forestry approved a charter for a new Jackson Advisory Group. The charter provides the advisory group with broad authority and support to develop a long-term landscape plan and associated timber harvesting, forest and stream restoration, and recreation activities.

The California Department of Forestry released a request to the public to submit nominations for the Advisory Group. The deadline for submitting a letter request and resume is February 8, 2008. The Director of CDF will select the members and present them to the Board of Forestry for confirmation.

The advisory group will have up to 14 members. It’s membership will be a mix of people with science skills, timber management knowledge and interests, conservation and environmental concerns, and recreation knowledge. It will have a preponderance of people from the local Mendocino area. All members will represent the public interest, regardless of their affiliations.

The advisory group will work with the public and Jackson staff to develop a consensus on a long-term landscape and plan and operations in support of the plan.

By the end of a 3-year Interim Period, the advisory group will recommend changes to the new management plan to reflect the group’s vision for the future of the forest.

Establishment of the advisory group was one of the key recommendations of the Mendocino Working Group.

Help Restore Our Publicly Owned Redwood Forest

Jackson State Forest is a public treasure — 50,000 acres of beautiful redwood forest located within a few hours drive of San Francisco, in Mendocino County, on Highway 20 leading to the coast of Fort Bragg.  

The state has been massively logging this public forest, owned by you and me. The profits subsidize the private timber industry.

The public forest should not be used for the benefit of the timber industry.

Our goal is to restore the forest to old growth for recreation, habitat, and education.

All logging in Jackson Forest should demonstrate the highest attainable sensitivity to aesthetic and ecological values and should contribute to restoration, habitat, recreation, or education.                 

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