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About Opera Fresca

 Welcome to the opera!  From its inception in 1996, Opera Fresca has demonstrated a strong, unparalled commitment to fulfilling out mission to make opera accessible to a wide audience at a high level of artistry and performance. Much of the success of Opera Fresca’s distinctive and unique style is the remarkable result of wonderful voices, chamber orchestra, world-class musical and artistic direction, and the generosity and support of our creative, caring coastal community. We thank all of you!  Now, as we present our tenth season, we can be proud of all we have accomplished in these ten years. Together, through our dedicated efforts, we have achieved tremendous growth and success. Opera Fresca is increasingly recognized as tracking the future of the arts on the Mendocino Coast. As Artistic/General Director, I am committed to an infinite vision for Opera Fresca, continually expanding the horizons of our knowledge, our talents and our skills. I am committed to ensuring that Opera Fresca develops the kind of stamina and character necessary to achieve our goals. Success in any worthwhile endeavor is a marathon, not a sprint! To that end, we have expanded our Opera Access Educational Outreach Program to include live performance presentations in Mendocino County Schools, and the offering of Opera Access tickets to Sonoma County Schools. Our new Emerging Artists Program, with the assistance of Opera America’s Music! Words! Opera! Program, will be presenting opera workshops featuring national opera educators, Elizabeth Vrenios and Richard Crittenden, who has recently been recognized as the leading Goldovsky educator. These workshops will be made available to young singers from all over the country. Since 1997, College of the Redwoods, Mendocino Coast, has generously sponsored our annual opera production classes. Opera Fresca now performs our mainstage productions in the Center Theater at Mendocino College, Ukiah. In these uncertain times, Opera Fresca continues to lead with heart, to inspire and to nurture the spirit of joy and vitality that we are privileged to enjoy here on the Mendocino Coast. Opera Fresca has consistently challenged our prior accomplishments with new directions, and new definitions. Opera Fresca clearly speaks to a new definition of our shared strengths. I wish to express my profound thanks to everyone who has collaborated on this production. They are truly a world-class team. It has been, and continues to be, not just my passion, but my privilege to work with all of them.              Clare Barca Artistic/General Director Look for these coming productions.
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