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“Would highly recommend Stevenswood”

I would highly recommend Stevenswood Resort Spa in Little River CA, just 2 miles south of scenic, picturesque Mendocino. Formerly a lodge, the owners have turned it into a getaway destination in itself. Original artwork is everywhere…much of it wine-themed (appropriate due to the area’s reputation as an up-and-coming wine region). Cork floors are in the rooms and throughout the resort, making for a quiet (almost “cushioned”) walk. The rooms are tastefully decorated with fireplaces and lots of light. I’ve never had the occasion to sleep on a Tempurpedic mattress before…but after sleeping on one at Stevenswood, I can’t stop thinking about getting one. If you need more than what a great mattress can do for you, spa facilities are available right there. Eating at the restaurant there doesn’t mean you’ve had to settle in the name of convenience. Rather, their restaurant is a 5 star (literally!). The dusted salmon is an entree worth driving from The Bay Area to order. The wine list showcases some of the region’s best wines. Don’t hesitate to ask Michael for a recommendation (e.g. Esterlina Estate Pinot Noir…very affordaby priced, too). The surroundings are serene and peaceful….yet not “too serious,” thanks to the colorful ceramic mushrooms scattered around the grounds (they will give you a basket and you can “harvest” some to take home). And in case you’re thinking about how great a getaway like this would be, but you don’t want to leave that special member of the family behind (your dog or cat)…pets are welcome. We plan on returning to Stevenswood soon!  Jun 21, 2006  Travel_Aficionado, San Francisco
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