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Mendocino Film Festival

Make plans to join us for the 2nd Annual Mendocino Film Festival on the dates of May 17-20, 2007. The purpose of this festival is to present films that stimulate the creative connection between our inner being and the outer world, films that bring us closer to one another, films that remind us who we are. We seek strong stories and strong characters that move us to laugh, to cry, to pause and wonder about the human experience. We seek work that engages and empowers as it entertains, that ventures into realms beyond worn out conventions. In 2006, our inaugural year, we welcomed over 50 filmmakers from all over the world and invited them into our homes, inns and hotels. We enjoyed short films, documentary films, feature length films about art, and local films & filmmakers. More than 60 independent films were shown over the four days of the First Annual Festival. We look forward to a bigger and better year for 2007. Mendocino has been inspiration and location for over sixty feature films. There have been oscar winning movies made here like the 1943 “Frenchman’s Creek” starring Joan Fontaine and the 1947 movie “Johnny Belinda” starring Jane Wyman, the famous 1954 production of “East of Eden” with James Dean, and the very funny 1965 production of the “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming” with stars like Carl Reiner, Alan Arkin, Brian Keith, and Jonathan Winters, and of course the award winner “The Summer of 42″ made in 1970 with Jennifer O’Neil. Some of the more recent favorites that we all know such as “Racing With The Moon” with Sean Penn & Nicholas Cage. The comedy “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell. Other Favorites like “Dying Young” with Julia Roberts and “Forever Young” with Mel Gibson, and of course the “The Majestic” with Jim Carey. This is a great time to getaway and have some fun with a great venue here on the coast.
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